Melissa Terzis REALTOR ®

I thought I wanted to be a Retail Buyer until I walked onto a construction site in 2001, and my career goals were permanently derailed. Fascinated by all things related to building homes and real estate, I completed my MBA while working for a land developer in Maryland. Once I learned how a piece of raw land was entitled, developed, and became the site of someone’s home, I knew no career other than real estate would make me happy to go to work every day. I went on to work for two national builders before ultimately obtaining my real estate license.

I love all things real estate, and I hate that agents got such a bad name by making promises to clients that would never come to fruition. I’m not the agent who will tell you things just to “get the deal done.” I’m honest and I work hard for my clients. If I didn’t work with the utmost integrity, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

I grew up just outside New York City in Connecticut, and I enjoy the energy and pace of Washington, DC as it reminds me of home. I lived in Dupont Circle for 10 years but recently moved to Glover Park with my husband, kids and dog.

Also, because the Real Estate Market in DC is anything but predictable, I write about the current state of affairs and trends I notice for the Huffington Post about DC Real Estate Section. Check it out sometime!