Beata Stylianos

Greetings! I’m Beata, a name stemming from the Latin “Beatus,” which translates to blessed—a sentiment I hold dear.

My upbringing was woven between Chicago, Illinois, and Clearwater, Florida. In Chicago, my mother's entrepreneurial flair illuminated the nightlife scene of the 1970s with her establishment, the Cardinal Club. I consider her my first business mentor. Meanwhile, in the Sunshine State, my father gave me my first glimpse into the field of real estate through the development lens, as he was known for building luxury single-family residences.

My academic pursuits led me to Boston University and the University of Grenoble, France, where I studied International Relations. During this time, I had the privilege of studying under the esteemed Elie Wiesel, whose wisdom and teachings shaped my future advocacy work.

Over 12 years ago, life took an unexpected turn with the passing of my beloved husband, Yorgos. As a widow, I encountered firsthand the predatory practices and lack of advocacy in real estate. Fueled by a passion to advocate for the widowed and single individuals—a community numbering in the millions across the United States—I've embarked on a mission to ensure their rights are protected in real estate transactions.

When engaging with clients, I adopt a holistic approach, keeping the big-picture vision of their future in mind while also ensuring every detail is taken care of. There is no better reward than handing the keys to clients at closing.

Personally, I live in a rowhome situated just a stone's throw away from our family's cherished restaurant on "G" Street. The Avenue Grand, founded by my daughter's Greek grandfather in the 1940s, is a poignant reminder of our familial roots and the rich tapestry of community history we're privileged to be a part of.

I find solace in embracing life's simple pleasures—exploring the eclectic coffee culture of the nation's capital, unearthing hidden gems in the vintage markets of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, or immersing myself in the timeless allure of historic movie theaters.

Currently, our family eagerly awaits the opportunity to welcome a furry companion into our home through Paws of Love, a program close to our hearts. This program honors Jamie Guttenberg's legacy and provides solace to families affected by gun violence through the unconditional love of a canine companion.

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