Kyo Freeman


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My name is Kyo Freeman, and I am a teacher turned real estate agent who wants to help first-time homebuyers and home sellers looking to buy or sell their first home in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

I focus on helping first-time homebuyers because before I owned a home, I didn’t believe that I could be a homeowner. I thought that my income and lack of savings would keep me from ever being able to own a home, so I didn’t try. Once I got married because my wife owned her home, I became a homeowner. However, that doesn’t need to be your homeownership path.

Most people will tell you that home ownership gives you tax benefits and allows you to build equity and wealth, and all that is true, but what does that mean? For my family, it meant being able to grow. We adopted my son in 2012 in part by using money from the equity of our home to pay expenses. In 2015, after nearly 20 years as a middle school teacher, I was ready to start my real estate business. It’s not easy to go from a paycheck every two weeks to nothing coming in regularly. Owning our home gave us security that we would not have had if we were renters. We could have never adopted Johnie or I couldn’t have started a new business had we been renters. Owning a home has been a life changing experience for me.

When I’m not helping you reach your real estate goals, I am a chauffeur for two boys as they grow up playing soccer, earning belts in karate, bake, and perform theater among other interests. My wife and I share our home with my father, our dog Jester, our cat Doris and a gecko. We live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC, where I have been a resident for over a decade. I love it here, and I hope you’ll let me help you find your piece of paradise in the DC area.