Q: I’m interested in finding out more about your rental services!

A: If you haven’t done so already, you can fill out our Renter Profile. You can also check out our Rent page on our web site.

Q: Your service sounds awesome! How do I schedule an appointment? 

A: Email us at [email protected] with three days that you are available. Make sure that your preferred dates are 3-4 weeks out from your desired move-in dates.

Q: Why don’t you schedule appointments further out than a month from my desired move-in date?

A: Due to DC tenant laws, leases convert to month to month at the end of the term. This means that landlords typically don’t know if a tenant is leaving until they are gone! Available properties are usually vacant, which means that landlords are looking for someone to move in quickly.

Q: What are the price ranges of rentals in DC?

A: Generally speaking studios start at $1,400+. 1 bedrooms start at $1,700+. 2 bedrooms start at $2,400+. 3+ bedrooms start at $3,700+. Parking will typically add an additional $150-250 per month to the rent.

Q: I have a cat/dog, is it going to be hard finding a place?

A: While we here at City Chic Real Estate love animals, typically landlords don’t feel the same way. Having a pet typically eliminates 50% of your options, so you might need to be flexible on price range, neighborhood or unit features.

Q: I’m new to the area. What neighborhood should I live in? 

A: Welcome to DC! Here is a really great guide to the ‘hoods of DC: http://washington.org/dc-neighborhoods

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions or to schedule your appointment.